This is the home page of Music Technology at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.  Students registered for the modules MTS101, MTS102, MTS201, MTS202, MTS301, MTS302, MTS401, MTS402, MTS403, MTS404, MTS500, MTS501 and MTS502 at NMMU must all visit this site frequently.  Not only will this give you access to your course materials (lecture plans, notes, tutorials, assignments, reading lists, etc.), but you will also be required to use the site to take tests, submit homework, participate in online learning activities, and so on.  Registering on the site will be discussed in the first lecture of each semester, but if you have somehow missed that opportunity, then come and see me to make the necessary arrangements.  Please note that this site is perpetually under development and functionality may vary from day to day.  Most resources are accessible from off-campus, but you will find that certain links only work in the Music Technology lab.  This is as much to control access to 'per-user license' resources as it is to protect you from inadvertently downloading huge files over a slow Internet connection.  You will have to book time in the labs to use this material.

Mark Brand
Room 0123
Music Building
South Campus
Tel: 041 504 2254

Please be quite clear about this: being registered on this site is completely separate from being officially registered for the module - if you don't understand, then come and see me.